and what did I buy?

SASA is the most common cosmetics shop chain in Hong Kong. You will see one SASA in 100 meters range. It is so common that it can’t be a landmark!

So my task was to buy cold cream for my little one. As I entered the shop I get bombarded with brand visuals, displays.

There are so many brands under one roof that surely you can spend a whole week trying to discover new ones. Obviously I had / have never heard of these brands and so I was perplexed what to buy.

Suddenly like it happens in TV commercials 🙂 my mind raced back to my childhood days when we used to put liberal amount of cream on the lips almost to have white masked lips. Then it went back to my teenage days when I had seen my cousin use the same cream for my nephew. And the most recent memory I had was of case study in MICA MDP class.

All summed up I bought Nivea for my babu 🙂 in the original blue tin box. This decision superseded my choice on Johnsons because of the adverse media reports in India.

It is thick cream so it is not easy to spread unlike the new versions of it.

But it doesn’t matter, as I left the shop it made me think ‘who is at loss?’

Just like human relationships, building brand relationships is so important. It all comes in full circle if you are genuine.