…the rolling stone…

The innocent Past —

Looking back, it is interesting to know how UI has grown and out grown usability. Then it was the conservative world and relating ‘experience’ to the outcome of interaction was not heard of.

The cliché Present —

Experience is a marketing need. And with the term marketing we unleash the boundaries of experience. It should no longer be restricted to UI.  It is now in all the customer touch points. It is now the ‘customer experience’ and to be specific it is about the ‘delightful’ and positive moments.

As we are now in the middle of this vicious cycle, every time we craft a new experience we are raising the bar. ‘No rule’ is the only rule.

Going parallel with this evolution is data. Customer data is now bigger and better and also device ecosystem has grown many folds.

Still in the nascent stage today are the allied technologies that require minimal user interface i.e. NFC payments and the QR codes.

The exciting Future —

Android, Apple and Microsoft will continue to play a vital role in the customers’ digital life. The device ecosystem will get stronger and stronger.

Since the devices have their closed ecosystems and also they have their UI and OS rules set, it will leave less room for UI ‘experience’ till the point everything becomes drab and boring.

(Raised eyebrows) So I am saying that I will be jobless???

NO! I can’t imagine myself doing nothing 🙂

So, till the time UI experience is taking a break….customer experience will be flourishing under the ‘internet of things’

Here I come 🙂