My Dear Goliath

You know I am there now
and here I know you

It has been sometime now
until I came face to face with you

I am gathering sticks and tricks now
To fight a mighty opponent as you

Let me plan and strategise now
Sharpen my tools and create new ones just for you

But dear Goliath, I have to tell a secret now
Although I prepare to fight you
I know I will always love you

You are my vella time now
And sometimes I struggle to make sense of you

You are my loneliness, my joblessness now
But I have started enjoying company of you

It is a shame to have complacency now
But it is high time now so get ready to retreat, will you?

I have promised myself your end now
No more procrastination and excuses for you

I will come back to meet, I promise now
As dear Goliath you know I will surely miss you

my wish, your wish

Do what you wish, I will do what I wish
Rarely it aligns to what we wish

Sometimes I give up on what I wish
But never I have heard of you giving up your wishes

I get tired and dejected when I dont get what I wish for
But you guise it in the best thing that I should have ever wished for

Is it so important to get what we wish for?
But then it is pitiable to wait for what you wish (for me)

uff! let me just go away from the land of wants and wishes
But where will I go if I dont have any wishes!!