Being a Bubble

Water boiling in the pot

Some bubbles burst too early, some reach the surface

bubbles in boiling water

Bubbles that burst in the liquid causes ripples, while some die in anonymity

Some bubbles reach the surface and burst hot steam

The bubble doesn’t know it’s fate, but continues in the energy cycle

Not sure which bubble is better, but each has a role in boiling water

sailing with anchors!

you are sailing, and believe anchorage is better

you are anchored but dream of sailing

you are sailing, but also anchored

and sometimes,
you are anchored and also sailing

Sometimes you see the options and
Sometimes you dont

but you still sail or anchor anyway!


it will be the time to invert the hourglass!

i feared
what if the peace has to  end in the world,
what if there is no tomorrow
i feared
there would be no innocence
there would be no beauty
there would be no joy
but each day gives me hope…
when i look into their eyes
i know peace has to stay
but it has to be assertive
it has to raise voice
it has to flex muscles
it has to grow strong
and they say they die to secure a place in the heaven,
but ruin someone’s heaven on earth