UX and swimming

I am learning to swim 🙂 I was trying to swim 10 years back too.

But this time it is easier and I have managed to make significant progress. I am doing it by my own. No tutors or classes. So as I am gleaming in my self proclaimed achievement, I wondered why this time the experience was so rewarding and here are my notes –

  1. I wanted to learn for my own sake
  2. I practised the patterns
  3. I create my own template for the pattern.
  4. I tested what I have learned and practised so far.
  5. I updated my templates as I was live testing.

Viola ! I know to swim.

This may sound like an agile spirit rather my swimming lesson. But that what it is! Apart from being my passion and my source of bread UX is now teaching how to learn new tricks 🙂

The important distinguishing factor is that the user is motivated. Learning – UX can move mountains if they are motivated.

The second would be – I worked on the swimming patterns to the limit of creating a memory for my hand and leg muscles. And when the muscle memory was strong there was no friction in learning. Learning – Muscle memory rules. UX patterns should leverage this memory.

Most of the times while working on design projects, the client insists on creating a new design just for the sake of being a path breaker. This causes friction for the users trying to explore it. Seamless experience is the most important aspect of interactive design. It should  be realised that interaction patterns are just a way to achieve a goal and creating a new patterns should not be deemed as the goal.

Learning – Create a friction for the users and you will find yourself drowning if not gasping for breath!


sailing with anchors!

you are sailing, and believe anchorage is better

you are anchored but dream of sailing

you are sailing, but also anchored

and sometimes,
you are anchored and also sailing

Sometimes you see the options and
Sometimes you dont

but you still sail or anchor anyway!


it will be the time to invert the hourglass!

i feared
what if the peace has to  end in the world,
what if there is no tomorrow
i feared
there would be no innocence
there would be no beauty
there would be no joy
but each day gives me hope…
when i look into their eyes
i know peace has to stay
but it has to be assertive
it has to raise voice
it has to flex muscles
it has to grow strong
and they say they die to secure a place in the heaven,
but ruin someone’s heaven on earth

My Dear Goliath

You know I am there now
and here I know you

It has been sometime now
until I came face to face with you

I am gathering sticks and tricks now
To fight a mighty opponent as you

Let me plan and strategise now
Sharpen my tools and create new ones just for you

But dear Goliath, I have to tell a secret now
Although I prepare to fight you
I know I will always love you

You are my vella time now
And sometimes I struggle to make sense of you

You are my loneliness, my joblessness now
But I have started enjoying company of you

It is a shame to have complacency now
But it is high time now so get ready to retreat, will you?

I have promised myself your end now
No more procrastination and excuses for you

I will come back to meet, I promise now
As dear Goliath you know I will surely miss you