United we stand and siloed we fail!

Kindergarten gospel we learnt, industrialisation debunked it and now it is time to brush up again!

Most of the MNCs may be out peer pressure or genuine views have changed their approaches to solve business problems.

Design thinking, Agile journeys, Experience teams, Innovation labs etc they have it all. This is all good and it is reaping benefits, even if not to the maximum.

But with silos running deep in the culture it is futile to expect impactful outcomes from these efforts. The department may be equipped but at the crossroads where it touches it all falls apart and there are no takers for the fallout as it is in no mans land!

With innovation department which is another silo there are renewed efforts to bring new views to the table. But this structure is complementing the silo thinking and not breaking it. 

Yes it is good in a way the dinosaur companies can speed up with the startups. 

But what is needed actually is restart culture. Unless the core is shaken and stirred the silo thinking cannot be dissolved.

That would be true transformation, rest all is wardrobe fad. 

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