We, the Beings

Whats up with the technology talking to each and the humans ceasing to do so? It appears that the humans are getting anti social and the technology is getting social!

Some glaring examples would be Amazon Go and chat bots.

I wonder why we are doing this to ourselves. What is it that we want to prove?

A- We are so smart that we have created a substitute for humans (as if there are less humans on this planet)

B- We want to save money (Save money for what and how?)

C- We don’t need anyone (really can a human not need another human?, but we were the original social animals, correct? )

D- People are so difficult to manage (Yes we are difficult, but so are machines, codes and garbage that comes from machine waste)

E- We want things fast, fast, fast really fast (How fast is really fast? Can 9 pregnant women delivery in one month? )

etc. How far can we go with these excuses? So much apathy and we talk about design thinking and empathy!!!

How ironic we have become? Can human social needs be really ignored? Will the crime rate reduce if we are surrounded by machines and codes? Will earth be a peaceful place if we cannot / do not want to share it with others?

There is nothing new in these questions, probably we have sensed it. But why no one is alarmed?

Well I am, and my resolution for the coming years will be to encourage and retain human experiences not just in my life but in others’ too.


I am going to switch off my phone.

I am going to smile and talk to co passengers.

I am going to spread the word…

What are you going to do to retain the human touch in your world?

Think, think, think …

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