It is not about product launch, it is about harvesting ecosystems

In this very real world, good doesn’t drive out evil. Evil doesn’t drive out good. But the energetic displaces the passive.

  • William Bernach

The above can be a good analogy in the design world –

In this very real world, good design doesnt drive out bad design. Bad design doesn’t drive out good design. But the energetic displaces the passive. 

Apple is the prime example here. As we have followers and blind followers of the brand there also people who hate and despise it to no end.

Still to no ones surprise, the brand will post yet another record profit.

The reason being that Apple event is not about a single product launch. It is about their ecosystem. After every 6 months, they are enthusiastically upgrading and adding newer species to their ecosystem. They are making their ecosystem stronger with devices and technology. The old ones are removed and the ecosystem is kept healthy.

So when a customer buys an apple product, the brand knows that sooner there will be an ecosystem following him. No doubt the products are great and offer consistent experience, but apple makes sure that the customer can never break the ecosystem. Either you are part of it or you are out. This exclusivity also acts in a favour of the brand. While for those who are out of the system will feel that the grapes are sour.


At one point of time I used to be fan of Metro interface of Windows phone. I bought 2 phones in that frenzy. I was happy with the wireless charging feature and the UI. In lieu I had lesser choices in apps, which didnt bother me much until the phone conked off.

I got 1% return for a phone that wasn’t even a year old, the hell started breaking loose. How could a loyalist be treated like this?

What I had not realised back then was robustness of offering. Windows phone didn’t have any ecosystem in hardware or apps. It was destined to fail the customer since there wasn’t enough energy/ motivation in them to drive it.

And hence, how the energetic displaces the passive.



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