Size matters

Video watching on the go has become main stream now. Facebook, twitter, whataspp and other messiahs of online content are pushing content to the consumers. Needless to say that not all or can we say most of the content is trash.

But still such content has viewers and some even break records of viewership.

Has our taste suddenly changed? or are the brands are so powerful that we trust the content? In a grey world all is inter- related and all holds true.

I just realized by my own experience… it is the size of the screen that makes such content consumable.

  • Mobile screens are smaller, hence hide finer details of execution and expressions – works for content creators to churn rapid videos for eyeballs.
  • Mobile screens are smaller, hence you have the privacy of watching discreetly – so even if you know you are watching non sense you will still watch it because you know nobody is watching you.
  • Mobile screens work on networks, hence offers you the mobility – you are not bound to one place, works well for killing time or waiting for something.

So as we see smaller size and cheaper network is working well for mobile content providers it is ruining our taste, image if we are caught watching the nasty forwards and of course increases our bills. But having said that there seems to be no near end.

But but but … when wearable devices become mainstream I hope there will end to this spam unless till then our minds go kaput!

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