Ordering vegetables online :)

Serendipity! Received a glossy leaflet in the letter box.

All the typo in place (I do not trust communications that has wrong typo) and good pictures , I thought I should try it J and now its been 3 months I haven’t seen my bhaaji wala.

So greenofresh is going to be my permanent bhaajiwala unless anything goes grossly wrong J

Summing up what I like the most

  • Online – o yes I buy vegetables, fruits online Jit is convenient I can do it while infront on TV or anytime when the laptop and net is on. The one time registration form is simple too.

o   Fall backs – they don’t have mobile app but I don’t need one!

  • Promptness – the moment I have clicked ‘place order’ I get call from the call center confirming the transaction amount. Mostly it is the same lady, very friendly and good mannered. This positive human interaction is very important and leveraging brand building.
  • Some highlights would be –

o   She asked me if she can call me for orders.

o   She doesn’t call back if I disconnect the call. She understands that I would be busy

o   She enquires if I have skipped ordering over the week

o   She patiently listens to the complaints, although I can sense awkwardness in her tone. I like the awkwardness which makes me feel that she cares and she is sorry.

  • Service – delivery happens the next day. Although the time is not certain , the delivery boy calls me and I can ask him to leave it at my neighbours place. And the highlight is the neighbour doesn’t have to pay for it. My payment will be taken when the delivery boy in the area some other day. The delivery boys are polite and presentable.
  • Secured – There is no online transaction, it is cash on delivery. The delivery boys look reliable, they don’t enter the house and are patient and polite. They refund for the soiled or damaged vegetables without any question or doubt.

I like this service, but some areas of improvement would be

  1. Range and promotions – there is a scope to add vegetable allied products e.g. wheat and bhakri atta, oil, salt masala, turmeric, tender coconut, eggs, paneer etc
  1. Service – if only the delivery time could be ascertained or a same day delivery.
  1. Brand promise – They need to articulate a promise. This communication would be very important to sustain in case of competition. Since they have the advantage of being ‘first’ it would be an comparative easy task.
  1. Visual identity – from the service point of view all is in place, but it is important to have a strong recall. They should consider promoting their logo in many ways e.g. product packaging

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