Mumma, I like this car!

My son is a little more than two years old.

We had gone to his swimming classes. His daddy went on for changing his clothes and the little one just went on daddy daddy. Couldn’t bare his separation with his dad i guess. I tried to divert him and climbed down the stairs still waiting for daddy.

And then he saw some red object peeking behind the wall. The red that nobody can miss…the very famous red ….the Ferrari red.

And things just changed… Wherein I was holding his hand and trying to pacify him…he was now dragging me …mumma come mumma come.

From top to bottom to left and right he was devouring the car. Of course there were other cars too…and then he dragged me to Porsche Boxster!

And he forgets about his daddy and now probably is not even listening to me!

Design appeal is so important in physical objects…mainly because you can touch it. The sentiments are high since you can own it and you can belong to it. Although I am surprised at what age, appeal starts affecting the conscious. And also it intrigues me how the appeal is gender driven… most young girls of my son’s age having different motivations.

Ahh! suddenly when it comes to digital, the scenario changes. At every opportunity the brand wants a new device, new interaction, new experience causing so much disconnect and clutter…very unclassic approach towards design …sigh!

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