Look within

Sometimes I like to go to the server room and plug and unplug the wires (… and co-ordinate with India office) It gives me great joy when my actions results into something positive (wifi connectivity) and I feel challenged when it happens otherwise.

Yes I am quite human at times and I like to go on ego trips J

Rest of the times I am firefighting … resolving design issue required for the survival of an idea (if I am allowed to)

But I like this bare and live environment…wherein I get cautious of my actions but also am empowered to be fearless and take the risks.

‘Never say die’ is the core of startup. There is no place to get judgmental. But it is a place for all the mentals … who love their challenges. Yes surely you have to have some degree of insane passion towards problem solving.

Back when I was working with the MNCs everything was served on a platter with rules and lot of bureaucracy. It really sucked and killed my motivation to work and enjoy work. I quit finally. Made baby and voila life was full of challenges J

But life cannot be anchored on someone’s challenges. So as my little one is discovering new things every day, I have set on my journey, my calling to solve and make a difference…user experience. Yes it is my passion and also my livelihood.

Piece of a cake?? No way …some times each day seems like a Wednesday … but still have I liked to get back to work.

So what have I learnt? Life will throw challenges… you challenge yourself… codes will not work, users will not turn up… trends will change etc. …grrr   we will not have control on many things in life. But we can surely be in control of ourselves. We can continue to inspire ourselves to reach the goal and look for more goals every day.

It is not about hardships but it is about our endeavors so …

Raise the bar, shine bright and embrace tight.

Learn to startup and coz it is within you.

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