clenched fist, good luck, victory, waves…. what next?



what do these really mean to you?

Personally i wasn’t so happy to receive these coins 😦 i think they lack the heritage quality. It doesn’t seem anything of value 😦

Over the years i have collected many coins and currencies from india and countries abroad. But i am saddened to say that i am very disappointed by these. Especially the hand gestures ones. I fail to understand why the national flowers, birds, animals are replaced. Wasn’t these a scope to revive them? What has clenched fist got to do with 50ps? The execution too is not appealing either. The emboss effect looks worn out even in the newer coins.

I have read some articles wherein it mentions that the hand gestures were used for the visually challenged huh? Then i guess braille should have being used, right? There are many articles on the net that defy the usability envisaged, some have started online petitions !

These designs were tested with the vendors. Thats fine to conduct a user a testing, but are those the only people using the coins !!! Is currency only meant to have only ‘value’ attached to it? Are we compromising or not realising the national image?

When designers are hired, shouldn’t we have a panel of designers to validate the designs? Well i am not blaming anyone, but I am feeling at loss. I certainly won’t care much even if these are omitted from my collection rather i would gladly do that.

Some politically driven writers are even trying to promote anti government feeling by falsely implicating the harmony sign as a cross. Well i certainly know that there is no cross sign, but such views make me think that the design is so vulnerable that anyone can make anything out of it.

I am so saddened 😦

check this link for some interesting concept-

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