coping up with diversities

in day and night, of light and darkness, in people black and white a truth prevails ‘ that which divides also unites’.

Night is eager to be day and day wants to retire in night. What we see is reflection and what we dont see is merely an absorption of the spectrum.

Red is common in blacks and whites, it is the colour of passion, of love also misconstrued as the colour of ‘danger’.

Everything is so mixed and ever changing. Thats why i fear making opinions, knowing that i will have to change them one day. But does this mean that i dont have opinions? Would being too flexible mean being weak? Is it so important to have opinions on something to feel strong?

But by experience I have known that weak have strong opinions 🙂 Insecurity forces us to be rigid. And by the way this is an opinion 🙂

One thought on “coping up with diversities

  1. Wate is fluid, soft and yeilding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.As a rule whatever is soft will overcome whatever is hard.:)beautiful thought, beautiful art!keep doing it! love to see and comment on them.


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