Where do they go?

Abandoned connections

Lost emotions,


Old memories

Do they become…

Whirling winds… the first rain?

Or muted seeds… flourishing clover in the bylane?

Or lightening of a stormy night… gentle ripples in the lake?

No one knows but I would like to believe so

They are all around me…peaceful and unaware.

the river flows

Opposites attract they said

So the river submitted to her destiny

She tried hard to find new purpose in the deep blue sea

but sooner she realised she had lost her identity

She didn’t exists anymore

but her soul longed to go back once more

This time to go back

and create her destiny

Being a Bubble

Water boiling in the pot

Some bubbles burst too early, some reach the surface

bubbles in boiling water

Bubbles that burst in the liquid causes ripples, while some die in anonymity

Some bubbles reach the surface and burst hot steam

The bubble doesn’t know it’s fate, but continues in the energy cycle

Not sure which bubble is better, but each has a role in boiling water

Aah! 2021, hope in your year

Sensitivity prevails

Instead of sending a sorry, we should not send friend requests πŸ˜‚

Instead of sending a thank you, we should not increase the like rate πŸ˜›

Too much digital is making us mental, we should not give in to fake obligations πŸ™„

Hope in your year dear 2021, true actions and intentions prevail πŸ₯³

When I die,

there will be extra flower in the garden beaming with you

there will be an extra star shinning bright on you

there will be extra playful wave wanting to touch you

when i die

to get inspired, to be stronger, sharper and more lovable

don’t fret, just remember

to be gracious and move on…

Thats what matters When I die.

9th Sept 2019

What is it like when you seek something that you know you will never get?

What is it like when you know you are not giving what is desired?

Anger, despair, hatred, destruction… Hong Kong.

Morning visual breaks my heart… let wisdom prevail and peace return.