About Me

Since you are on this page, I take this pleasure 🙂

My name is Charvi. I am User Experience professional. But sometimes in the pursuit of user centred design / experience, I also feel closer to being a detective, lawyer, chef or a doctor. This is not a disorder, but a project centred professionalism to solve unique business problems.

So if you are here with me now, you can find the proof of my whims under portfolio. If you need further proof you can find details of my professional journey under Bio.

Off screen, I like to shut myself to experience and explore…

I travel to gather perspectives. Travel provides balance to my professional and personal roles and craziness that comes with it. Some of my travel pages can be found here.

In my free time, I like to connect dots on my sketch pad. To set correct expectations, I am not an illustrator and these scribbles are plainly to demonstrate a different view point PHEW!. My sketch pad can be accessed via Mindful.

I hope your time is well spent in exploring my humble efforts. If possible do like or comment.

Be Blessed.