That’s me! 🙂

(and since you are on this page, I take this pleasure) 

I am a User Experience professional, with 10+ yrs of experience and blah blah… 

That’s a big number and sometimes I feel that I have been there and done that. But the challenges never cease to satiate me and I am back for more, finer, deeper and sharper. 

I am Passionate about ‘solutionizing’ holistic User Experience problems & believe in the effort that is deep, timely & impactful.

Over the projects, clients, industries, and organisations I have gained maturity and expertise in – 

  • Understanding users’ pain points through research
  • Identifying the gaps and opportunities via journey thinking
  • Solving problems with experience design
  • Qualitative testing for business goals

(you will find most of the executed work under portfolio. Some of it is password protected and you will need to contact me for access)

Bachelor of Fine Art(Applied Art)
Mumbai, India
Nielsen Norman Group 
– Lean UX & Agile 
– Measuring UX & ROI
– Analytics & UX

HumanFactors International 
– Certified Usability Analyst
5 Signature Clifton Strengths 
– Responsibility 
– Empathy 
– Relator 
– Strategic 
– Analytical

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